OUT OF THE ROLLING OCEAN [choral series]

From the composer of Glee Club Smarties™ comes a sea shanty for mixed choir (SATB), men’s choir (TBB) and women’s choir (SSA/opt. Two-Part) with piano accompaniment. “Out of the Rolling Ocean” will lull whomever hears it like a siren’s song in the night. Adapted from the poem, “Out of the Rolling Ocean the Crowd” by Walt Whitman. Written and composed by Jeffrey Eric Funk.
Out of the rolling ocean 
The crowd came a voice 
Whispering “I love you 
Before long I must go” 
I’ve come a long, long way 
Merely to look on you 
I could not go till I found you 
Behold the ocean and the land 
Hear the music of the storm 
No one can separate us 
Now we have met 
We have look’d 
We are safe 
Return in peace to the ocean 
I too am part of the sea 

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